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A Gamer's Dream...Kinda TG (Fire Emblem Echoes TF)
It was a beautiful summer day in the middle of July. The sun blazing making the environment perfect for children, teenagers, and adults alike to do whatever they want in the great outdoors. The joyful voices of people walking about while chatting and playing Pokémon Go fill the air.
“Stop breaking the law asshole!”
…Ahem…As I was saying. A great day to be–
“Get the fuck down from there!”
…Where was I? Ah yes. A–
“I’m gonna rape you!”
You know what? Fuck this. This story can tell itself without a narrator like–
“Run bitch! Run!”
I’m out of here.
“Come on Kevin. Can we please watch something else? I feel like I’ve lost almost all of my brain cells from watching this stuff for two hours.” The exhausted voice came from a male teenager lying on the couch with his head tilted in a way that would make someone think it would fall off from not being screwed on tight enough.
I l
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 57 25
Mature content
Weiss Schnee TG Part 2 :icontgvocals:TGvocals 62 6
Mature content
Weiss Schnee TG Part 1 :icontgvocals:TGvocals 67 8
Witch Way? TG (Medusa TG TF)
“Ugh…my head hurts. What the hell happened?” I rub the back of my head and slowly pull myself up. Slowly opening my eyes, I look around to take in the environment. I seem to be in the middle of the forest with nothing but the trees and an odd gate that stands before me.
Still rubbing my head, I ask to no one in particular, “What am I doing here? I can’t seem to remember.” I rattle my brain trying to search for the answer when I notice that a long wooden broom is lying at my feet.
Upon seeing it, the gears in my head start turning and a short memory starts playing like a movie clip. I walked up to this gate. When I reached my hand out to push it open, an object fell from the sky and decided to hit me in the head, the only person around instead of landing anywhere else. I took a few steps back not knowing what had happened and the memory ends there. “That’s it? Why can’t I remember why I came here or even how I got here?”
I look
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 66 5
Explosive Results TG (Megumin TG TF)
“I’m so bored,” muttered the young teen in a low grumpy voice as he slouched on his bed.
An overly dramatic high-pitched gasp came from the other side of the room. Out popped a head from the corner of his vision. “What are you talking about? There is so much to do in this world that the possibilities are endless! With all the different options you could do, how could you possibly be bored?”
The question floated up in the air for a few moments. He sat up to face her and held up his right hand in the shape of a ball. He said as he pulled up finger after finger, “Well first off, this world isn’t the same world that you and I are accustomed to so we have no idea what dangers there are waiting for us. Second, I hate to move around a lot so I’m extremely exhausted. Third, there doesn’t seem to be any form of electrical technology meaning I can’t play video games or watch anime.” She rolled her eyes at that. “And fourth a
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 94 9
Is Being 'Full of Life' Okay?
It keeps going on and on and on without a single hint of ending. The sound of footsteps and droplets echoed off the walls. Every once in awhile, a small hiss could be heard in the distance signaling the need to go in a different direction. She took note on the way the walls and floor looked. After hundreds of years, mankind still hadn’t figured out the reason behind it. The unnaturally crafted pillars and symbols were carved with the most obscure pictures. They were all of different combinations of animals, which were commonly known as Chimeras. There were pictures of snakes with the head of an eagle and at the end of the tail was the stinger of a scorpion. That was just one weird variation! There have been thousands of recorded sightings, perhaps even millions more could still exist and have just yet to be seen, or there have been some other unlucky individuals who have seen hundreds, even thousands of others. Those people had sadly succumbed before being able to s
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 21 9
Becoming Fit TG
Today’s the day, the day in which I change my life for the better. I enthusiastically get out of bed and open the blinds. It’s beautiful outside. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. I open the window and take a moment to breathe in the fresh air. It sure feels like I’m to have a great day ahead of me.
I get in the bathroom and do all the human essentials to start off the day. I brushed my teeth vigorously to avoid any plaque since I don’t want a repeat of last year. I shivered from the thought. I’m not scared of the dentist, but let’s just say that you should always brush your teeth kids. If only I started to listen to that sooner…
I got in the shower and allowed my body to soak under the hot water that continuously rained down. Making sure to rinse every nook and cranny of my body. I applied the same soap I used for my body and squirted some in my hair. Good thing for those two in one soaps that were for bo
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 278 7
Falling Into Another World TG (Blanc? Skinsuit TG)
I’m so hungry. I could go for anything right now. Pizza, soup, walnuts, even brussels sprouts. Just give me something please…
I look down at my wallet once again and weep. Not a single cent in there. If this were some cheesy sitcom, tumbleweed the size of a dime would somehow be rolling around inside of it. This is the worst time for my parents to start running into financial problems. I got no job, which means I got no money, which further means I got no food.
Enough about all that stuff, let’s get to me. My name is Wolf. As you all can tell, I am in a sort of a pickle right now. I need food and I am out of any known currency. I usually get money from my parents, but they called me this morning to tell me the tragic news. I am quite known for being the extreme shut-in in the neighborhood. I guess what that man said was true though. ‘It doesn’t matter how much you try to isolate yourself from society, when a person has no food, they will eventually work so
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 171 25
Cooling Off TG Remake
Just another day doing my job. Driving around to deliver the goods to the small convenience stores all around. I personally didn’t like the job, but I managed to get by. It wasn’t difficult at least, just very boring. I heard a ring come from my car that was connected to my phone. I pressed the answer button on the steering wheel. “Lucas, you better get that shipment of popsicles to that 711 pronto or else your ass is fired!” What a great guy for conversation. He doesn’t even say ‘hello, how are you doing?’ or ‘goodbye’. Just a bunch of blah blah blah about do this and do that. Not a single shred of kindness whatsoever. Sort of ironic him saying to deliver popsicles fast enough or else I’m fired. You know, popsicles are cold while fired is…it is so hard to make a joke to myself. I just hope I get my pay and nothing is deducted.
Man…it’s so hot. The blazing sun in my field of vision on this scorching hot July
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 191 7
A Rosario's Secret TG (Moka Akashiya TG)
“So if I may ask, what’s your name?”
“…” There was silence, and then the person said, “My name is Jesse.”
I sat there. What was it that the person said? No way was that I. There’s no way. I can even see how the person looked… Wait a second. I never noticed till now but the person is like a shadow. I can’t even make out the form. What’s wrong here?
He laughed in a way that sounded familiar, all to familiar, as if I was the one doing it. “You are probably wondering if you’re going crazy now. Why can’t you see me? Why haven’t you noticed that you couldn’t see me till now?”
I clutched my head. I have no idea why, but this was all hurting way too much. “I-I don’t know. W-Who are you?”
The shadow made a barely visible shrug. “Were you not satisfied with my previous answer? Well, how about this one?” The voice started to become completely unrecognizable and
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 77 3
Got To Get Into Shape TG (Wii Fit Trainer TG)
What a great day it is. Yep. Nothing beats getting your face dragged against the walls. The nice feeling of my flesh slowly tearing off really lets me know how wonderful life is at times. The feeling of having a big sweaty hand grab the back of my head as if he was trying to crush a golf ball.  I wish my brain can always feel this positive, but none of my thoughts were in that category. The snickering of low life’s who think their lives are so shit that the only option to make themselves feel better is to make others feel even worse.
“Hey guys! Someone is coming! We better get out of here!” I could only hear him, but I assumed he was the lookout in our little chat.
I felt the hand leave behind some sweat as it was detached from my scalp letting my face slowly drag down the wall onto the paved floor. I could hear the leader yell, “Smell ya later loser! Sorry about putting you on EDge!”
I could hear the laughter as it became fainter and fainter until I
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 206 30
Rem TG
This is not mine! This is by someone who wishes to stay anonymous!
   Another day, and more monotony. Every morning, you get up, take a look at the mirror -- at your messy red hair and your ever-so-slowly shrinking muscles -- and feel like going back to bed amidst the overwhelming nothing that comprises your to-do list. But sometimes you fight the boredom by committing to an activity, and today was one of those days.
   Today you decided to look for a costume. You have an interest in cosplay, and, if possible, you would love to get a costume for a girl and have her wear it. And so, you decided to look around town for a costume that would be perfect for someone to wear. Eventually, you come across a costume shop that seems to fit the bill perfectly.
   You decide to take a look around. A middle-aged, soft-looking man with spectacles looks up at you from the front counter as you enter before silently resuming a crossword puzzle. You make a beeline for the an
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 114 8
Life Brings Sorrows, But Also Happiness TG
“Hey! Where the hell is my food!?” The shouting could be heard throughout the entire restaurant.
“Almost done! Just give me a minute!” I was trying to hurry up. Work is tough you know. “You son of a bitch.” I made sure to the end of that to myself so that none of my coworkers could hear.
Another day, another dollar as others would say. Sadly, the same can’t be said for me. Running around not knowing what I’m doing is so much fun! This is once again a new job I had to get to help provide my family with some help. Well, it looks like I’m probably a day or two away from being fired once again.
Finally done making the burger the best I could, I rushed it over to the counter to the customer. I could’ve sworn he was about to blowup from all the smoke escaping his ears. “Here you go si–” I was interrupted by the fact that my shoelace was caught under my opposite shoe.
Lifting my face off the counter, I rubbed my nos
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 99 29
The Halloween Party Of The Century TG (Rem TG)
Voices everywhere in all directions talking about every fad or meme there is out there. It varies from topics like Pokémon Go, which is a dying app, and stuff like Harambe, which still continues to swarm the Internet to the point that the people from the zoo asked for people on the web to stop. Like that will ever happen. You tell the Internet to stop something, and they will come back with even more force.
My name is Jory *******. I have a weird last name. I know. There is no need to say I do. I am just your average looking high school student. I am about five feet and eleven inches tall with a under average build meaning I have muscles, but not as much as others do. I am of average weight and not that athletic, but I move around enough. I got green eyes and ear length red hair. My red hair makes me stand out since it is rare and even my eyelashes are bright red. I am seventeen years old and am in my final year of high school.
Ah. That ring must mean the period is over. What do I
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 154 26
Confidence Is The Key TG (Yui Hirasawa TG)
Hi there. My name is Nicklas. I am here to tell you all about my story. I hope you all get something positive out of my story. Just to get it out now, it will start depressing to a certain extent, but don’t worry because it will have a happy ending. I couldn’t care less if I spoiled to you all who are reading this the atmosphere that my story has, but all I can say is deal with it. If you hate how I am writing about my life event, then put this book down and buy something else. Buy Twilight for all I care. One question I will get out of the way before delving into my past, you may notice the author’s name isn’t Nicklas. Also, Nicklas sounds like a male name, doesn’t it? Well, that all may be true, but once you hear my story, you will all understand the confusing paragraph I set out at the beginning. For all of you who have bared with me this far into the page, I congratulate you. I’ve never been one to start off a book well, but I’m confident t
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 69 4
The Fruit Of Change TG (Nami TG)
It was the beginning of summer break finally. I couldn’t believe it. What makes this summer break special you may ask. It’s true that I will do everything the same as I did last year like play video games, watch anime, or even go play some baseball with friends, but this year in particular was different. I was done my first year of college at Humber.
It was true that I needed to study to prevent myself from falling behind, but it felt fantastic that the pathway set before me is starting to become more and more clear. I’m trying to get a degree in video game design and it’s been one tough year. I plan to study this summer, but I also plan to catch up on some anime and video games that I’ve had to hold off on for college.
Sorry for the late introductions. My name is Jeremy. Who cares for my last name? That won’t matter whatsoever. I am about five feet and nine inches tall, and I am built at average. I also have short blond hair and green eyes. I don
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 226 14


Mermaid girl(term12) by Ikemura-Hiroichi Mermaid girl(term12) :iconikemura-hiroichi:Ikemura-Hiroichi 49 3 Bridal lingerie Emilia by sakimichan Bridal lingerie Emilia :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,204 180 Rem by INeonBeatI Rem :iconineonbeati:INeonBeatI 248 18 RWBY: Pyrrha by kimmy77 RWBY: Pyrrha :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 657 27 Blake Belladonna  by Inspector97 Blake Belladonna :iconinspector97:Inspector97 196 5
The Middle Of July (Yang TG TF)
    'Oh, you can't be serious!'
    'Piss off already, kid! You're nothing!'
    'I'm not nothing...! I can be just as tough as you!'
    June August Memorial High School was as bustling as ever. Between the teenage lovers fucking in the halls, the kids with anger issues kicking the everloving shit out of the vending machine, and the overzealous study group already preparing for finals despite it being February, it was a typical school with a typical student body. And of course, that means there's jocks.
    For Reese Cartier, a short and somewhat lanky 17 year old who had moved to the area at the start of the new year, jocks were an everyday sighting. They had been back at his old school, so their verbal assaults were nothing new.
    Reese sighed as the bus pulled into the loading area to drop them off. He threw his bag on his shoulders and stepped off.
    'Another day, another-' Reese was suddenly cut off
:iconseibara:Seibara 31 4
Margot and the Magic coffee- Sequence Collab+Story by TFLOVER28
Mature content
Margot and the Magic coffee- Sequence Collab+Story :icontflover28:TFLOVER28 157 2
RWBY: Weiss by kimmy77 RWBY: Weiss :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 550 29 The Red Riding Hood by chinchongcha The Red Riding Hood :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 3,142 164 [Fairy's tails] Erza Scarlet in Onsen by haganef [Fairy's tails] Erza Scarlet in Onsen :iconhaganef:haganef 1,176 25 RWBY: Blake by kimmy77 RWBY: Blake :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 668 40
Rin Tohsaka TG (REQUESTED)
It was a late Sunday Night and Chug was sat in his room watching Fate/stay night for the 10th time (it was his favourite anime.)
Chug was a young man in his mid 20's
he wasn't  married and was slightly on the fat side with a beer belly from prolonged alcoholism . He had dark black hair styled in a mullet (not stylish at all). He had a misshaped nose from countless Years of childhood bullying. His eyes were as hazel as the sap of an oak tree.
Chug loved his favourite character "Rin from Fate/Stay night" he had replicas of all her things from the anime. In the only rooms without fate/stay night merchandise was his bathroom and his study. His study contained many artifacts of his child lifestyle he even had a decent computer that he looked at pictures of Rin on.
Chug decided to go to bed - due to fatigue - before he slept he wished he could get closer to Rin Tohsaka.
Chug woke up to a bang. A box had hit him on the head. The box was small, hard and blue like a engagement ring box. Ch
:icongodelvia:godelvia 14 11
Pururutcalctg by KAIZA-TG Pururutcalctg :iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 34 7 Brandyuyutg by KAIZA-TG Brandyuyutg :iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 18 3 RWBY: Ruby by kimmy77 RWBY: Ruby :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 606 23 Yang Xiao Long by mark2108 Yang Xiao Long :iconmark2108:mark2108 42 1


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RWBY is the best show/anime ever! You better not say "But RWBY isn't an anime since it was made outside of Japan." I don't care! If you haven't seen it before, well, stop reading this and go watch it!

-I am an anime and manga fan
-I love vocaloids (Especially Hatsune Miku and Ia)
-Math is my best subject
-My most favourite game of all time is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
-My favourite Pokemon game is Sun and Moon
-I got red hair
-Other stuff

My Nintendo Network ID is: july06
Anyone up to add me, leave your Nintendo Network ID in my comments and hopefully we can play together.
Here is a list of all the stories that I need to write, all of which are prizes and commissions. Still don't know when they will be done since school has been tiresome, but they will be done nonetheless. Just give me a few more months. 

The order I have the stories here is the order I will probably write them in. Might change up the order later on if I feel the need to.

List Of Stories I Need To Write
:iconnpsao: Guy turns into Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire. 2000 word story (Raffle Prize)
- :iconicypika: Guy turns into Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia. 2000 word story (3rd Place Contest Prize)
- :iconmj-r: Guy turns into Ryuko from Kill La Kill. 3500 words (2nd Place Contest Prize)
- :iconveronicas-secret: 2 guys turn into Skyla and Elesa from Pokemon Black/White. 5000 word story (1st Place Contest Story)
- :iconklonoahedgehog: Guy turns into the female protagonist form Pokemon Sun/Moon. 2000 word story (Commission)
- :iconganonchan: Guy turns into female Kanna from Fire Emblem Fates. 2000 word story (Commission)
- :iconwarmedwolf: Guy puts on Rin Yamabuki skinsuit from Active Raid. 2000 word story (Commission)
- :icongoldwyn11: He turns into this maid. 4000 word story (Commission)
- :iconkeyblademagicdan: He turns into Stocking Anarchy from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. 3000 word story (Commission)

List Of Stories I Have Completed
- :iconskraunn: Guy turns into Medusa from Soul Eater. 500 words (Bonus Contest Prize) (DONE!)
  • Listening to: Pokemon Sun/Moon Soundtrack
  • Reading: FanFiction
  • Watching: Konosuba Season 2
  • Playing: Pokemon Sun/Moon
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Diet Coke


So Fairy Tail ended today. I'm actually happy it's finally done. After the manga being extremely bad for a while, I can finally be done with it. I don't want anyone to start saying that I shouldn't have read the entire thing. Let me put it in perspective. I was 500 chapters in, so no way would I quit despite the storytelling being complete trash. I hated the plot for the final arc but I needed to see it towards the end. The finale was okay for those shippers out there. Hey, Gray admitted he liked Juvia back so that's something to be happy about. Mavis and Zeref are *sigh* alive. I just don't know why. Hiro Mashima became so close to his characters and even side characters that he never let them die. No sacrifices that meant anything. Macarov is alive for the, what is it, fifth time? He really should've died back on Fairy Tail island to tell the truth. No NaLu... That was the only thing I was excited for to be honest then to just be let down. I got my hopes up, but I blame Hiro Mashima for that. On his Twitter a few years ago, he posted a picture of Natsu and Lucy's future child. I thought that meant he would once in the manga make the ship official, but nope. I'll give him credit where earned though. He's a great artist, but a shitty storyteller. The final fight was also a shit fest. Dragon Slayer vs invinsible Dragon Achnolea. Natsu beats him in one punch saying he wins with friendship. I'll say this now Hiro Mashima. Yes, you're stronger in numbers rather than alone, but Achnolea is supposed to be invincible meaning he shouldn't actually take damage even with the whole world launching a single coordinated attack on him. Yet he gets a single punch from Natsu and vaporizes. All in all, I'm happy I don't need to read Fairy Trash anymore. Sorry to all those who like it. I just can't like the story with the impenetrable plot armour and Nakama power.
So far, the most voted game is Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright. I think it was an amazing game, but I also think it was one of the weakest ones. It was cool have our boy Phoenix for the ride, but in terms of the story, it was kinda lacking in comparison to the other Professor Layton games. 
Of all the Professor Layton games, I find my favorites to be both The Unwound Future and The Azran Legacy. The Azran Legacy was a great game and helped finish up the second trilogy by bringing the other two games and the movie's events to a final close. It also had some unexpected moments and the feels were strong in the ending of that trilogy. All I can say though is that I loved The Unwound Future a bit more. It may not have had an overarching plot that carried over those three games of the trilogy since each one was more or less it's own story with Don Paolo popping up, but The Unwond Future's story was a breathtaking experience. It was the first game I've ever played and actually cried full tears in. Even after replaying it a few times, it still always hits me hard. And the antagonist is no joke as well. Does something on a grand level. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The Professor Layton series as a whole is an amazing experience and is easily my favourite series in the DS and 3DS library. Maybe not my favourite game, but my favourite series.
What's your favorite Professor Layton game?
22 deviants said Vs. Phoenix Wright
10 deviants said Curious Village
9 deviants said Unwound Future
7 deviants said Eternal Diva (Movie)
6 deviants said Azran Legacy
3 deviants said Diabolical Box
2 deviants said Lady Layton
1 deviant said Miracle Mask
No deviants said Last Spectre
I've stated this in the past, but I want a Kid Icarus Uprising sequel. And not 25 years later!

What's your favorite Professor Layton game? 

22 deviants said Vs. Phoenix Wright
10 deviants said Curious Village
9 deviants said Unwound Future
7 deviants said Eternal Diva (Movie)
6 deviants said Azran Legacy
3 deviants said Diabolical Box
2 deviants said Lady Layton
1 deviant said Miracle Mask
No deviants said Last Spectre


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