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Just another day doing my job. Driving around to deliver the goods to the small convenience stores all around. I personally didn’t like the job, but I managed to get by. It wasn’t difficult at least, just very boring. I heard a ring come from my car that was connected to my phone. I pressed the answer button on the steering wheel. “Lucas, you better get that shipment of popsicles to that 711 pronto or else your ass is fired!” What a great guy for conversation. He doesn’t even say ‘hello, how are you doing?’ or ‘goodbye’. Just a bunch of blah blah blah about do this and do that. Not a single shred of kindness whatsoever. Sort of ironic him saying to deliver popsicles fast enough or else I’m fired. You know, popsicles are cold while fired is…it is so hard to make a joke to myself. I just hope I get my pay and nothing is deducted.

Man…it’s so hot. The blazing sun in my field of vision on this scorching hot July day makes this job all the more exhausting. I’ve never been someone who cared much for driving. I just think of it as a way to get through life a bit easier. I would rather bike around for exercise in all honesty, but driving around gives me the excuse to not be constantly harassed by my asshole of a boss. Being able to drive also opened my options to getting this job so I’ll take all I can get.

I continued to drive along when I started to hear san unusual noise. As it got louder, I decided to pull over and get out to take a look. I took my phone with me in case I needed to call someone for whatever issue the truck may or may not be having. As I circled it, I heard the beeping get louder as well as quicker. I noticed the sound was originating from where I sat. Weird, I don’t know any problem with the seats that would trigger a beeping like this. If I didn’t know any better, this sounds a whole lot…like a…bomb… Oh shit.

I ran in the opposite direction at full speed. Good thing as well since I heard an explosion ten seconds later with the addition of loads of heat. I jumped on the ground and brought my head up slowly then looked back at the truck. All I saw were chunks of metal and surprisingly unharmed popsicles along the ground.

I sighed. “Well, I know what I’m doing when I get home. Must get my parents lawyer in this one. I have a sneaking suspicion of who tried to kill me.” I took out my phone and dialed my parent’s number. All of a sudden, I heard that same beeping once again. It was fast as well. It took me another second to notice that the sound came from my phone. “Oh shit!”

I threw it as far as I could and once again made a run for it. It exploded from behind me in the air, but a smaller explosion. “Definitely suing that guy for all he’s got and sending him to jail.” I tried my hardest to keep my cool. No use getting angry right now since there’s nothing I can do about it yet.

I looked around. Seems that I’m in the middle of nowhere. I think that he also sent me on a stupid voyage to the middle of nowhere and I ever even noticed. I just sat there for about ten minutes and waited. I sweated as the sun’s rays refracted off my skin, probably in the beginning stages of a sunburn.

As I waited, I spotted a small vehicle coming. I waved my arms around frantically. As the seconds went by, I started to feel exhausted from wailing my arms around. I waited and waited for a good five minutes. Up came a man on a slow scooter. No wonder he was taking forever. I was desperate though. I ran in front of him and he stopped. “Hi there. My truck as you can see has exploded. My phone has exploded as well. Can I use your phone to make a call or hitch a ride?”

The man spoke with a low tone through his thick beard and mustache. “A likely story. Sounds awfully preposterous to me.”

I pointed at all the carnage. “Does that look fake to you?”

He grumbled. “Sorry bub. Left my phone at home. Also, there isn’t any room for anyone in the back.”

I pressed further. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now get out of the way now!”

I yelped in fear and moved to the side. As he passed, I asked, “Could you end help for me when your home though?”

“Sure son. I will let my daughter know that someone is stranded in the middle of this here area. You better not land a single finger on her. If I find out that you do, you are going to have a bad time. See ya boy.” And off he went, really REALLY slowly on his scooter.

I sat there for about twenty more minutes. Sweat got in my eye and caused it to itch. I said to myself as I rubbed my eye, “So hot. Could really go for something cold right now.” I licked my lips then an idea sprung up. “Oh yeah! There is the popsicles! Duh! How stupid am I? All this time, I’ve had somehow completely intact popsicles after the explosion.”

I ran over to the debris and found some wrappers. I’ll be lucky if these are even cold still let alone all together in one piece after the time I’ve spent lying around. When I picked one wrapper up, I was surprised by how it felt. Instead of a mildly cool liquidly feeling, it felt like a very cold solid on the inside.

I opened it up and found that the popsicle was completely whole. Not a single bit of it has yet to melt away. It was a complete rectangle still holding onto its pointed corners.

I held it in front of my mouth as I gently let my tongue slide up it. I giggled uncharacteristically and cheered in delight. “Oh my god! So good! Blueberry is my favorite!” I continued to take my gentle licks and each breath I took got higher and higher in pitch, but I couldn’t care less about that. This popsicle was amazing! I felt like I was in heaven’s infinite skating rink right now. The frosty treat soothed my insides as well as my Adam’s apple shrinking it down until I had that of a cute and high pitched female voice.

I started to lick it quicker as more changes commenced. I started to shrink, a lot at that. I watched while licking the popsicle the ground beneath me get closer and closer at an extremely fast pace. It was as if I was falling from the sky down to earth, but with my feet planted on the ground the entire time. I probably shrunk by just over a foot and was now about five feet tall. All of the hair on my body then fell off except for the strands left of my head. I still didn’t care. This was too good to worry about something so trivial like loosing some height or body hair! My clothes were now getting too big on me and felt like they were about to fall off. I stopped licking and started to suck on the popsicle. As I did, my shoulders pushed inwards becoming smaller and making my overall frame more petite. My arms smoothed and softened while losing any muscle I once owned. My hand shrunk down and gave me some of the soften palms anyone would ever have the pleasure holding hands with. My fingers thinned and elongated making them cute and fragile. My nails became well manicured and shiny. My clothes have now gave way and were falling. The shirt part of my uniform stayed on but slipped off the right side of my now smoother and smaller shoulder. My shorts fell off completely, but all I could think was good riddance! I took a few steps to get off of my shorts and didn’t feel a single shred of embarrassment from being in only a shirt and boxers. All it did was help me cool off even more. My waist sucked in when I took a big breath and sucked on the cold popsicle harder than I did before. I took my free hand and outlined my new caved in waist and admired how slim I looked. For now, I took another breath and tried to suck on it with all my might. As I did, my manhood shrank. I moaned in pleasure from this. I continued to suck with all my might without a single care about any people passing by who may be wondering whatever the hell I’m doing. Whatever, all I know is that I was now officially a female and am proud to be one at that.

I continued to suck with even more power and the changes swam around my face with pleasurable feelings.  My mouth plumped up and my tongue become softer as it wrapped around the popsicle only making it all the more better. My nose shrank becoming cuter. My face reformed to that of a smaller and more rounded and feminine form, complete with soft skin and extra blush to my cheeks adding to how cute I was becoming. My eyes grew bigger and cuter becoming more innocent and my irises changed to a beautiful shade of blue, just like the popsicle and would remind you of the soothing ocean waves every time you looked into them. My eyelashes grew longer and well kept completing the perfection that was my cute face. To finish off everything above my neck, my hair exploded. It kept its brown color, but became a bit more lighter and shined bright while also becoming softer. It rolled down my back ending at my butt, and then two hair elastics wrapped around almost two halves of my hair making beautiful pigtails that fit my new face to a tee. The rest of my hair fell just past my neck and framed my face.

I took a break from all the sucking and decided to take some small nibbles. As I took my first nibble, my legs started to change. My legs were already hairless and smooth, but they were now slimming once again. They became even softer and became nice and shapelier making them quite the gift. My feet also shrunk inside my shoes and I took yet again a few steps so that I can walk right out of the anchors that my feet laid in. I looked at them and they looked small and soft with an extra curve to them. My nibbles became bigger and so did my thighs. They became even softer than they were before and just looked like those of a goddess. I almost misstated them for those of a goddess. I decided to plunge in and take a bite of the popsicle. As I chomped down, I felt my hips jut out and almost fell over from the sudden quick change. I now possessed childbearing proportions that helped go along with my new reproductive organs. I took another bite, a bit bigger than before and my back arched with a sickening crack, but actually felt really pleasurable.

I decided to go back to licking. As I licked the popsicle, I felt a pounding heat coming from my chest. It wasn’t painful, but felt so amazing that it was indescribable. Words couldn’t convey how great it felt. It was impossible! With each lick, my chest started to produce two lumps. They grew and grew until I had A-cups, but they were nowhere near the ends of their growth. I continued to lick for a whole couple minutes as my new breasts continued to increase in volume size after size until they laid there complete as DD-cups. I shivered in pleasure as some of the popsicle dripped onto my cleavage that was left exposed from my humongous shirt. I looked at the popsicle and saw that it was at the end of it’s useful life. I decided to munch down on the rest of it and risk a brain freeze. So worth it! It swam around my mouth like a washing machine, the blueberry flavor penetrating ever inch of my taste buds. As all this happened, my butt grew. It pushed out and became the perfect size. Not too big as well so that it didn’t look like useless fat. Everything on my body was perfectly placed with nothing looking odd in any spot.

I said to myself after a thorough inspection, “I guess calling myself Lucas would be weird now. Hmm… Oh, I know! I will be called Lucy from now on!” I squealed in my new cute voice. I took another popsicle from the ground and wasn't as surprised this time from it not being melted. Must be something special about them.

Cute anime girl with popsicle by TGvocals

I look ahead and conveniently saw a red sports car coming up. In it was a girl who looked breathtakingly beautiful. “He never said anything about ‘me’ checking her out.”

Here is this! I think it could've come out better, but I think it's still alright. This one was a weird commission for me. Not hard, just weird. He wanted me to make a version identical to any of his stories or captions so I chose one of my favorites, Cooling Off TG. I hope you all like it! I did in fact have fun writing this one though.

This is a commission for :iconcaptaincaption:. I hope you also enjoy it!
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Vision (5 Stars) - Honestly, I don't think I could see a more vivid picture of this story. You gave so many details that it was very easy to envision what was going on.

Originality (3.5 Star) - I've seen the popsicle idea many times. However, that's the only point that's negative. The "stranded in the middle of nowhere" subplot was a turn that I don't see very often with these types of stories.

Technique (4 Stars) - It was very well made. The plot was flowing, but I didn't feel very invested in the character. I felt sympathy, but I didn't feel frustrated with his boss or the scooter rider for being dicks toward Lucas.

Impact (3 Stars) - In all honesty, I probably won't be remembering this story very often if at all. It didn't leave a lasting impression on me like a few of your other works did.
What do you think?
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8 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

A pretty good TG Cap.
While the concept is not that Original (The concept of someone TGing from a Popsicle has been done in an Animation by SapphireFoxx)
I don't see any grammatical errors, nothing obvious.
God knows when I make caps I had made some stupid mistakes like basic Verbs.
However, this one doesn't seem to contain any.

I like how the characters have a simple personality to understand.
Lucas is a young hard worker who is constantly abused.
His (or should I say Her) boss is someone who is the standard "Big Bad Boss"
The Old Man who didn't give Lucas anything that helpful is the strict father.
And well, for a story like this. I think a simple personality works fine.

You don't need complex characters when you want to tell the readers what they're here for.
The Transformation.
Now, lets talk about the transformation.
This is coming from a TG Caption Writer.

While writing captions aren't that detailed, stories should be.
And you nailed it right on the bullseye with the details.
From the facial features to the body.
I can say I imagined it all happening in great **Detail**.

All in all, a good TG Story.
And since its a remake, its does what a remake should do.
Make it better.

Double thumbs up to my favorite TG Story artist :)
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
8 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

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waverCD Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016
Really enjoyed yhis one, nice work
TGvocals Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016
Thank you!
Alia12 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Good work and the picture is really cute.
CaptainCaption Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Really good work here.
TGvocals Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Thank you! Glad you liked it. Sorry if I sounded a bit repetitive or awkward at times.
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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